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8100 Chancellor Drive Suite 150
United States


At Crafted Audio, new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship meet for unprecedented sound and design. Taking a first principles method in our design process, we created speakers that won’t come between you and the music. We developed a unique approach to produce a single point source of sound with a massive, room filling “sweet spot” and stereo image that puts you in the studio with the musicians.

The Company

CRAFTED DESIGN is a turnkey provider for audio/visual design, show control, and integration services, with an emphasis on themed entertainment. We have established a strong specialty in systems where out-the-box thinking is required to provide a unique experience.

We utilize a first-principles design approach that, while including typical methods as options, emphasizes innovation. The traditional queue line and show systems shine when every detail is engineered rather than copied from a previous system, so we start from the beginning to invent a better ending.

Our focus on engineering has led us to become a premier provider of ride vehicle on-board audio systems, parade systems and other systems where traditional design and installation methods fall short, or an exceptional experience is needed. No matter how unique the system may be, the guests deserve a world class experience, and that includes audio and video that is beyond what they would have access to elsewhere.