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At Crafted Audio, new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship meet for unprecedented sound and design. Taking a first principles method in our design process, we created speakers that won’t come between you and the music. We developed a unique approach to produce a single point source of sound with a massive, room filling “sweet spot” and stereo image that puts you in the studio with the musicians.

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Building the tools to tell your story.

At CRAFTED DESIGN, we provide AV Design and Integration services. Based in Orlando, Florida while operating across the globe, we have established a strong specialty in systems where out of the box thinking is required to provide a unique experience. It's not that hard to hook up a speaker to an amplifier and make sound, or to hook a projector to a computer and get an image, but it is a huge leap from there, to actually understanding what makes it work, what is happening under the hood, and why. When a situation calls for a unique solution, such as a custom speaker design (such as a theme park ride vehicle), or to make a projector do something the manufacturer had never even thought of (such as projecting a warped hologram underwater) the engineers who really understand the science behind these systems start to shine. We look for these unique challenges, because challenges are what make us get up in the morning.