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At Crafted Audio, new technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship meet for unprecedented sound and design. Taking a first principles method in our design process, we created speakers that won’t come between you and the music. We developed a unique approach to produce a single point source of sound with a massive, room filling “sweet spot” and stereo image that puts you in the studio with the musicians.

The People

Joseph White

Joseph White, President / lead Designer

Joseph, an engineer at heart, has always taken a logical, first principles approach to solving problems. After interviewing industry professionals, he determined the best way into the industry was to start at the bottom. In college, he ran the multimedia department, after which, he took a job building racks. From there, he began doing installs, engineering changes, drawing red-lines, and designing full systems. Joseph's reputation for excellence and flexibility leading project teams has led to success on some of the biggest, and coolest projects (that no one is allowed to talk about). He firmly believes that every system sound be carefully designed to fit both the budget and time frame required, without sacrificing the end result. Holding designs to the highest of standards, Joseph has the experience and expertise to ensure that he, and the team here at Crafted Design, achieve those standards every single time.

Mike Picture.jpg

Michael king, SENIOR design engineer

Michael’s career showcases his unique approach to, and implementation of, the latest technologies. This as well as his ability to both look at project challenges from a different, refreshing point of view, and to apply himself to almost any role within the structure of a project, stem from his over fifteen years of experiences. Michael's experience spans design engineering, sales and marketing, fabrication, installation, service, and project management, striving for a high level of professionalism and attention to detail at every opportunity. His experiences, and his attitude throughout, garnering him the ability to take on such positions as Design Engineer, Project Manager, and Site Supervisor, for projects with some of the top name theme park and entertainment venue companies, and many other varied clients needing someone to bring their ideas and creative intentions to fruition. He has also consulted technically and performed installations with talented teams on venues including (but not limited to) theme-park attractions; military simulation systems, large houses of worship, performing arts theaters, museums, and science centers, as well as primary and higher educational institutions. He's also done the same for other companies including Forbes Properties, Motorola, Universal Studios, Mayo Clinic, Hilton Grand Vacations, and Walt Disney World Resorts, to name a few. Having graduated from Full Sail University with an Associate’s Degree after garnering the Program Directors Award in Audio Electronics courses, Michael also holds several industry certifications including certification for several Audio DSP, and control systems. His aptitude and readiness for challenges has taken him many places in the AV industry, allowing him to gain the diverse experience desired in a modern AV company. During his time in the AV and Themed Entertainment industries, Michael has had the opportunity to design and install many varied projects, including video broadcast facilities, interactive kiosks, museum exhibits, world class attractions at theme parks and resorts, interactive exhibits, as well as other custom technology integration designs. His ability to think creatively and outside of the box provides for more efficient, cost effective, and reliable results. His experience and professional education, along with his intuition, solidify Michael as an irreplaceable member of our team here at Crafted Design.

Casey Picture.jpg

Casey Catto, Fabrication engineer

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Show Production & Touring from Full Sail University, Casey has been awarded four different Course Director Awards in Lighting Concepts and Design, Audio Electronics, Audio Measurement Systems, and Installation Technologies.

Not slowing down, Casey applied her literacy in schematics and CAD, as well as her proficiency with soldering, crimping, and assembling custom audio, video, control, and network cables, to begin working as both a Fabrication Technician and as an Integration Technician. Cutting her teeth in the industry while filling multiple roles enabled her to become incredibly well versed in the worlds of both commercial, and residential AV fabrication, installation, and testing.

Eventually discovering her flare for the realm of live displays and exhibits and, being a strong advocate for a productive and organized work environment, Casey moved up the industry ranks, taking on multiple managerial and supervisory roles before joining us at Crafted Design.

Casey's reputation for efficiency, applying her experience in fabrication and testing, and leading project teams makes her an undeniably invaluable member of the team here at Crafted Design.


Nathan Picture.jpg

Nathan White, Business Development

With nearly a decade of experience in the fields of Marketing, Communications, and Business Administration, Nathan brings both a productive and positive energy to the team here at Crafted Design.

Throughout his career Nathan developed a reputation for his professionalism, natural leadership, and affable nature. He studied political science as well as business administration and put his talents to work in the private sector, working first in the Health Insurance industry and then moving to AV and Themed Entertainment. Nathan's skill set and reputation makes him an indispensable member of the team at Crafted Design.